Compound exercises and supersets

1) Always use “Compound” exercises over “isolation” exercises

A compound movement uses 3 or more muscle groups at once
eg A squat ( Quads, hamstrings, glutes and various others)

An isolation exercise will just use one muscle group
eg Leg extension

The compound movement will recruit more muscle mass therefore
burning more calories, creating more muscle and burning more fat.
Far too often i see guys and girls working their arms with tricep kick
backs and concentration curls. Until you can do 10 chin ups with strict
form a man has no need to train arms directly. Women RARELY need
to train arms directly at all 🙂

2) Superset your muscle groups.

A superset is where one exercise is performed, followed by another
exercise using different bodyparts eg A bench press followed by 1 arm row.

These can benefit you in the following ways-

Using the above example of Bench press with 1 arm rows,
through a process called “reciprocal inhibiton” you may actually be stronger
in the 3rd and 4th superset allowing you to lift the same weight for more reps.
This alone will burn more calories which means more muscle which in turn
burns more fat. Win win right?

Supersetting also allows you to decrease your workout time.
Eg Bench press, rest for 1 min followed by 1 arm row and then repeat 3-4 times
This way allows adequate rest time between bodyparts compared to the traditional
way of performing an exercise then resting 2 mins and so on.

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