Diet plans

Two sample daily diets

The first one, is a fairly good diet which will produce good results
if stuck to, but it’s also fairly easy to get your head around mentally
and doesn’t need too much preparation 🙂

The second is pretty hardcore but produces EXCELLENT results.
It will need some mental toughness and preparation but then anything
that produces excellent results always does right?

Diet 1

Breakfast –             2 eggs(not fried) on 1 piece of wholemeal toast
Mid morning –        Protein shake/portion almonds/cashews + 2 fish oil capsules
lunch –                     Chicken/tuna/prawn salad
Mid afternoon –      Portion blueberries/portion of macadamias + 2 fish oil capsules
Dinner-                  Piece of fish/green veg or salad- add a small portion of brown rice if needed

Here we have a diet that consists of fairly low carbs, the toast and rice being
the only real carbs, lots of good protein, 2-3 portions of veg/salad/fruit
and a good portion of EFA’s (essential fatty acids) from the nuts

The calories are spread over 5 meals so keeping the blood sugar stable
and the metabolism high all day which will result in a nice feeling of energy all day long.
No ups and downs!

An extra protein shake is suggested straight after your workout, whenever that
is during the day 🙂

Diet 2

Breakfast-              Chicken or turkey breast/steak, portion of cashew nuts and 3 fish oil capsules
Mid morning-          Protein shake/portion of nut butter. Almond butter is great!
Lunch-                   Chicken/tuna/prawn salad and 3 fish oil capsules
Mid afternoon-        Protein shake or piece of meat + fish oils
Dinner-                  Fish/meat and green veg/salad + fish oils
Pre bedtime-          Portion of cottage cheese or Protein shake + fish oils

This diet has virtually no carbs so the need for EFA’s is greater. Protein levels
are very high, fat is quite high and energy levels and mental acuity should be EXCELLENT

The calories are spread over 6 meals which is optimum for fat loss, building muscle and
ramping up the metabolism. Suitable for males and females!

Combined with hard weight training/Bootcamps and short, intense bursts of cardio will give the individual
a lean, hard body or physique.

Which diet suits your needs? Any questions or more info then I’m happy to help.

Have a great rest of the week.

Gavin @ UCB

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