Weights and protein shakes

Tip 1-

ALWAYS do your weights or resistance training before you do any cardio!

Firstly, this way will actually burn more body fat. The weights will deplete the
carbs you have stored in your muscles and liver so that when you do
cardio (if you really must ), in theory, you will more likely to tap into your fat
stores and use your body fat as a source of fuel. FACT!

Also, by doing cardio before weights, you will actually be weaker when you
come to your weights. If you are weaker, you wont build muscle which means
you wont burn fat. FACT!

Tip 2 –

ALWAYS have a protein shake after your training!

I know most of you don’t for various reasons….they don’t taste great, too expensive,
can’t be bothered, they dont work, they will make me big, they will make me fat….

I have heard all the excuses all before. But. In my opinion, a protein shake is the
most important meal after breakfast you can eat.
It will help you-
build a little muscle,  will speed your metabolism up, curb carb cravings,
help your muscles recover and minimize muscle ache and pains, keep you fuller for longer,
and probably be the best thing you can do ( apart from fish oils)
to aid a healthy metabolism and accelerate your body fat loss.

Why wouldn’t you use one?

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