Killer HIIT

A quick fat burning circuit that I performed the last week.

1- skipping for 2 mins
2- fast run on treadmill for 1 min (making sure to sprint for at least 10 seconds twice in this minute)
3- 20 burpees (jump up as high as possible)

This should be performed in circuit fashion, so back to back 1,2 and 3 then rest 90 secs before repeating.

I did 5 rounds of this so my workout lasted 17.5 mins. Wore a heart rate monitor and my heart rate didn’t drop below 165 BPM, and that was in the rest period. Hard, intense cardio that will burn a lot of fat but also maintain your muscle mass.

Try it this week! It’s a killer.

Gavin @ UCB

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4 Responses to Killer HIIT

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  3. Karen K says:

    Hi there …

    what are “Burpees”?

  4. Good question Karen

    Check out this video of Tom doing a Tabata set of Burpees and side plank

    Let me know if there is anything else, we can help out with?

    If you go on our website; then enter your
    details for the FREE FAT MELTING VIDEOS then you’ll get videos all about what
    the most effective form of HIIT training is and why it works so well.


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