Cheat meal

Today’s topic is on the benefits of a well-timed cheat meal!

If you have been following a strict low carb diet, a cheat meal
or a meal of whatever you want will actually help you in your
quest for leanness. This is why and how….

Lets say you start the week on monday with a good protein
based breakfast and you continue the day with 4-5 small
protein based snacks with the only carbs coming from green vegetables,
certain low GI fruits and possibly cashew nuts that you may have been
snacking on. You keep to this regime for 4 days until thursday night.
On thursday night, you can and should have your pig out meal of choice.
It just so happens to be Thursday night now and I have had my cheat meal
of lots of pasta, with chicken and bacon, in a really rich cheese sauce.
Very high carbs, high protein but also high in fat.

As I have been very low carb all week, my body has become depleted of
glycogen. Glycogen is stored in the muscle and liver and comes from carbohydrates.
By having a sudden influx of an abnormal amount of calories, this will fill my body up
with glycogen, giving me a massive rush of energy the next day. My muscles will
feel fuller, I will feel stronger and guaranteed to lift more than I normally do.
The metabolism can become slightly depressed when keeping carb intake low and
this will kick-start the metabolism sending my body into overdrive, burning fat at a far
quicker rate than before. This will also get my body to be less accustomed to running
on a lower calorific level making it easier in getting leaner or burn body fat.

It also has the added psychological benefit of keeping you sane! I have been looking forward to this treat all week, and it actually makes me work harder at my diet and in the gym knowing that I have thursday night to look forward to.

Points to remember –

Always have the last meal of the day as the cheat. If you have it earlier in the day, you will
surely have another cheat meal later on. It’s just how it is 🙂

Eat as much as you can in one sitting, then walk away, get straight back on your diet
the next day.

And that’s that. The benefits to a well-timed cheat meal.

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