Alcohol and burning fat

Today’s tips are on the subject of alcohol and body fat. This is relevant to us all but particularly relevant as nearly all of you work in the City and I know alcohol can play  a major part in your daily lifestyle.

I am going to break this down into small sections but this subject will be covered in more detail on my Blog that I am in the process of working on 🙂

1) Alcohol provides almost twice as many calories as Carbohydrates and protein

Alcohol provides 7Kcal per gram compared to carbs and protein at 4Kcal. On top of that, the calories are void of any nutrients the body can use and therefore hasten fat storage.

2) Alcohol loosens the inhibitions.

When drinking, people generally have less motivation keeping to a diet. This relaxed thinking tends to lead to overeating. The foods usually consumed tend to have a higher fat and salt content and the fact that alcohol has a stimulating effect on the appetite is a recipe for fat storage by the body.

3) Alcohol lowers testosterone.

This is very important. Testosterone is a hormone that both males and females have, with the average male possessing 10x more than the average female. Testosterone is a powerful fat burner and also an anabolic hormone which means it contributes to muscle mass. This is so important for females as we know that the more muscle a female can hold, the more fat she can burn which results in the lean, lithe, toned body that most of you desire 🙂

Testosterone can be reduced for up to 48hrs so a big Saturday night can and will affect your Monday workout guys…not only in terms of performance, but the ability of your body to burn fat.

So what are the best options for the occasional tipple?

Approx calories in various alcoholic drinks-

Can of Beer –                                 153kcal
Glass of red wine –                       123kcal
Glass of Champagne –                  85kcal
Glass of white wine –                   120kcal
Shot of vodka –                              64kcal
Shot of rum –                                 64kcal
Shot of whiskey –                          64kcal

Clearly, the answer is to mix shots of vodka with Champagne!

That’s all for now guys, have a great week ahead.


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