Cardio and body fat reduction

Hi guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend?

I was at The Fame UK Fitness & Bodybuilding competition to support a good friend of mine who had entered. He entered the Fitness model category and walked away with the trophy which was great news! Congratulations to Shaun Stafford. A few of you may know him as he used to be a PT at LA fitness on London Wall.

It’s with this event in mind that I write today’s tips. Shaun was lean, muscular with a very low body fat percentage, perhaps 6-7%, but what was interesting was the fact that he did very little cardio to achieve this conditioning. When i say no cardio, i mean no direct cardio on the bike, x trainer, NO JOGGING, and so on. Most of you guys are looking to lose weight or reduce body fat yet I see many of you still doing lots of traditional cardio in an attempt to reduce your body fat. Somehow the message doesn’t get through to many of you. Cardio is fairly useless when it come to reducing body fat. If you want to make your muscles smaller and weaker and to keep your body fat where it is then please continue on the X trainer. If you want to reduce that body fat the quickest and most effective way then listen up my friends 🙂

Weight training and a high protein diet will help you achieve this. I haven’t done any traditional cardio for over 10 years and my mate Shaun didn’t either. He used weights or resistance training to elevate his heart rate very high during the training session, yet at the same time, build muscle which we all know is important for burning lots of calories and fat, particularly in females. This combined with 5-6 small protein based meals every day is the ONLY way to reduce your body fat. No boring cardio needed. Ever. Ever! I promise you. Please feel free to get back to me with any questions….or discussions, or arguments 🙂

I would also like to mention and thank the 9 people we had for our boot camp at the weekend. I really do appreciate the support we are getting every week and also a big thankyou to those that provided us with video testimonials, all of which you can see very soon when we launch our new website in the next few weeks.

Have a great week ahead everybody.


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2 Responses to Cardio and body fat reduction

  1. charlotte says:

    Happy not to have to do cardio – but what would you suggest is the best way to warm up for your weights session?

    • Hi Charlotte, thanks for the question. Honestly, the best way to warm up for weights is lighter weights. EG. If you were doing squats, you would perform 1 or 2 sets at a lighter weight for say 12 reps to warm the joints up and get the blood pumping. No cardio required 🙂

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