Fruit smoothie anyone?

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a great weekend?

This week I want to mention something that one of my clients, said to me as I was training her. We talked about my previous email and about how my Mum had lost weight in 2 weeks by changing her diet and Claire, my client said that she had changed her breakfast and was having vegetables and fruit blended into a smoothie.

I was shocked to hear her say that because it’s probably one of the worst things ANYONE could eat in the morning. I am sure there are quite a few of you out there that eat/drink a smoothie for breakfast, if so, please change that now as it’s actually contributing to fat storage rather than fat loss. Here are the reasons why –

Firstly, typically 3-5 pieces of fruit or vegetables are used in the average smoothie which may contain up-to 50-60 grams of simple sugar, maybe much more (if you add sweet fruit). On their own they are not much of a problem but you would never eat 5 pieces of fruit in one sitting  in its normal state so a smoothie encourages over eating.

Next, because it’s in a liquid form, the body will digest the calories far quicker than if it was solid food. The quicker food is processed, the faster the blood sugar will rise which in turn leads the body to release insulin and promote fat storage. Another problem with a fruit/vegetable smoothie is that there is no protein in this choice of breakfast. We know that protein keeps the blood sugar stable and gives an even energy release. A smoothie in the morning will give the individual a massive rise in energy followed by an energy slump a few hours later with the body virtually being put into FAT STORAGE mode. Not good.

Lastly what vegetable do most people add to a smoothie, to do them good? Well I’d wager it’s Bugs Bunnies favourite snack, the humble carrot. Great as a snack in its whole and crunchy form but once blended all the sugars in the sweet carrot just add to the GI spike mentioned above.

So, rather than being a healthy start in the morning, a smoothie is actually very unhealthy. My breakfast today consisted of the typical things most people avoid because they think its unhealthy and fattening. I had scrambled organic eggs and tomato, with a handful of nuts and I know 100% my body preferred that as a source of fuel than Carbohydrate food types like bread, cereals and smoothies. Check this link for the reasons why :: PROTEIN & FAT BREAKFAST

I hope that helps many of you out there to make a wise choice in the morning.

Have a great week ahead.


PS If you have to go for a smoothie for a treat once in a while, then add a scoop of protein powder and cinnamon to slow down the Blood sugar release and balance the drink. Perfect timing for this smooth shake??…. up to 40 minutes after a workout when you have a nutritional window of opportunity where your body wants sugars and amino acids (protein) to re-build your body and speed that metabolism leading to a leaner you….. Now there’s a WIN-WIN if ever we heard one!!

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