Fat Loss 101

Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

I trust you all had a fabulous weekend?

Mine was pretty chilled out to be honest, and I had my cheat night last night…but you really don’t want to know what I ate, so I won’t go into that…suffice to say I don’t need any carbs for the rest of the year 🙂

My old partner in grime, Mr John Hewitt crashed at mine last night, and as I was making my breakfast before work, he was just waking up. He just happens to be the same guy that introduced me to the all protein breakfast several years ago. Many of you will remember me mentioning him before, and that I could never really get my head around just having protein in the morning.

Anyway, as he was getting out of bed, the general gist of our conversation was about how good a protein breakfast was etc. However, it turns out that John, the pioneer of protein in the morning amongst our friends was still having two scoops of protein powder, two raw eggs and his essential fats (fish oil) in a blender, whisked to within an inch of its life and created into a massive protein shake. I had a piece of organic salmon and three organic poached eggs. Both very good ways to start the day, but as I explained to my learned friend John, the whole food option is so much better than a liquid breakfast and here is why…

Both breakfasts contain lots of good protein, and good sources of fat in the salmon and his fish oil. The key difference is the speed at which the body digests the food. The liquid breakfast will be assimilated very quickly by the body, and although it provides the protein and fat necessary for a nice, slow release of energy throughout the morning, the fact that it is digested quickly by the body is its downfall.

The whole food option will take longer for the body to breakdown and will ALWAYS provide a more consistent energy release, resulting in hunger being kept at bay for that much longer. In terms of fat loss, the very act of digestion causes the body to burn calories by raising the metabolism, so as the whole food option takes longer to digest, it will be more beneficial in your quest for a lean body or physique.

So here we see two good examples of ways to start the day, but the overall winner in my opinion would be the whole food option, but the shake would be a close second. I suggest the shake to those that are time poor, and can’t face protein foods first thing in the morning. The rest of you, just get on with it.

Trust me on this, the all protein and fat breakfast is my number one tip with regards to fat loss and results in the gym. My old mate John knew this years ago and if it wasn’t for him harping on, extolling the benefits of this to me, I wouldn’t be here writing this email 🙂

That’s it from me for now, I shall speak to you all very soon.

Have a great week.


Ps. As always, I welcome your comments and questions 🙂

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