How IMPORTANT is your health to you?

Morning everyone,

Another week ahead which I am looking forward to…

How was your weekend?

Today, I want to talk about health and how important it is to us all. I was thinking over the weekend (I sometimes do this) that we get caught up focussing on how we look on the outside rather than our health from the inside. Of course, we all want to look and feel great, wear that dress a size smaller, and lose body fat, or whatever your fitness goals are, but sometimes the health aspect of going to the gym gets overlooked. Usually the two go hand in hand, as you work out and get results in the way you look you automatically get healthier on the inside, but I still see many people in the gym, including clients of mine, that use the gym as a means to an end. What I mean by this, is that they work hard in the gym so that they can eat and drink whatever they want, and use the gym as a method to stop them gaining fat.

The problem with this is that the excess drink and food is still damaging you on the inside. Excess carbohydrates will put undue stress on your organs inside, even if this doesn’t show on the outside. Too much alcohol, which happens to be a poison and one of the most toxic substances known to man, causes damage all over the body. It would take me ten minutes to just write a list of the damage alcohol does to you.

Perhaps it’s time to look at your diet and try to be as healthy as you can be just for the sake of being healthy, and not just on how it will make you look. Far too many people have passed away just recently, both in the media and in my personal life. Much of this may have been avoided if simple dietary and lifestyle choices had been made.

A healthy day to me would consist of 5 – 7 small meals/snacks per day consisting of lots of good sources of lean organic protein like chicken, turkey, fish and eggs. 2 – 3 servings of organic vegetables, a small amount of organic fruit, and lots of EFA’s which are essentially fatty acids found in oily fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel to name a few. A good quality fish oil supplement would be recommended, as would a quality vitamin and mineral supplement – as you just can’t get the required amount of vitamins and minerals from our food, however healthy you think you may be.

The benefits from following a diet like this include more energy, better sleep patterns, mental acuity goes up, and work output in whatever you do becomes more efficient. This is aside from the obvious physical changes in your body. At Ultimate City Bootcamps, we aim to get all our clients eating like this so they can perform their very best in the sessions and improve their health and also how they look and feel.

That’s all from me today. Tomorrow I have something for you all that will perhaps change your ideas and perceptions on health. Be sure to check for my email as this is really thought-provoking and controversial to say the least.

Have a great week.


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