Protein & Bulking Up

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all well and having a great week so far? Any plans for the weekend?

Today, I want to go over a topic I have mentioned before. Firstly, there are over eighty new people on this email list since I posted this topic, and secondly, I still hear every single day in the gym, a subject that is very popular with the ladies, and that is whether having a protein shake will make them big or “BULK” them up.

The simple answer is no. >>>>>Click here to find out why<<<<<

Although directed at females, this info is relevant for males too. I had several emails last week asking me to clarify the all protein and fat breakfast. Here are my personal favourites:

  1. Salmon steak with three scrambled eggs
  2. Turkey breast, handful of almonds and one tablespoon of fish oil
  3. Protein shake and one tablespoon of fish oil (when pushed for time)

I hope this helps you all.

Now I need a little help from you guys…Before I start, watch this video that Tom and I put together last week >>>>>Here<<<<<

Tom, myself, and the rest of the team at UCB are raising money for The Prostate Cancer Charity this month by participating in Movember – which for those that don’t know is the month where all the guys that can, get to grow a moustache and proudly sport their facial hair with pride and without ridicule. So far our UCB team has raised over £900 which is fantastic. But we want more. Our aim is £3000 by the 1st December and to celebrate this worthy cause, we are having a charity bootcamp on 26th November at 12:30pm. All proceeds go to the charity, and we are aiming for 30 people on the day.

If you donate £15 or more, you secure your place at the bootcamp. Of course, you can donate more if you wish and even if you cannot make it on the 26th.

>>>>>Click here to donate<<<<<

I know we all get deluged with charities asking for donations so why are we any different? Well to start with, 1 in 2 men will get some form of cancer in their life. A very harrowing statistic indeed. Also, not everyone that asks for donations continues to give you cutting edge info on health, nutrition, training and feeling good, for FREE. There are over 460 people on this email list. If everyone gave just £2 we would double what we have made so far which would be fantastic.

Ok, that is all I am going to say on the subject. >>>>>Click here to help our cause<<<<<

Thanks in advance guys.

Looking forward to another great bootcamp tonight at 6pm.


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