This Stuff Really Does Work!

Hey guys,

I hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks at work this year and the various Christmas parties that are taking place…I know I am!

I was looking over the Blog a few days ago and found it interesting that certain topics receive a lot more hits than others, and there are no prizes for guessing which are the most popular. It is clear to me that fat loss is your number one priority and ways to achieve that fat loss through exercise is also important or popular to you.

The blog has received over 6000 hits since March which is great, and there are three posts which have received the most hits:

The first one is the 5 Reasons You Are Not Burning The Fat That You Want To. Click on that link if you haven’t already, and if you have, click on it again as I am sure there are still a few more things you can learn.

Another popular one was a cool little circuit I performed for Maximum Fat Loss. Loads of hits on this one, and I received about 20 emails from various people saying they loved performing the workout. Keep working this one hard everyone, it really does work well.

You guys also liked Project Ibiza postings, and one day we had over 350 hits. I think this was due to the posts being a mixture of real time pictures and constant updates on my daily diet.

My point today is this. Use the blog when you can. Go back to it, and take as much information away with you as possible. Trust the information because it is tried and tested, not only by myself and Tom, but all my clients over the years, and thousands of in the know trainers across the world.

This stuff really works!


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