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You just can’t COUNT on Calories

This is a subject area that many people struggle with but once you understand it, it’s very easy. I guess it’s the same with most things but there is absolutely no reason to be baffled by the nutritional content or macro-nutrients of … Continue reading

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CORTISOL – Don’t let it stress you out

This is a condensed version of our Ultimate City Bootcamps talk on the stress hormone cortisol. We will cover what cortisol is, what it does, why we have it, some of its effects and also some action steps in how … Continue reading

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Getting the most from your training in the gym?

So that’s it then, Christmas is over and the New year is upon us once again. Many people over indulged, as did I,  and have taken to the gyms with a vengeance in an attempt to get rid of the … Continue reading

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Meat and Nuts Breakfast in more detail

Well you’re heard us go on and on and on about getting the right breakfast! You’ve also heard us talk about the fact that it should consist of protein and good fats For it to be the most effective then … Continue reading

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Do diets work?

It’s the new year and a lot of people are *planning* to drop some weight.  Maybe you’re one of those people.  Nothing wrong with that…even I’m looking to shed some of those December pounds this month. But here’s the major problem: 98% of people will fail … Continue reading

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2011 in review

Happy New Year everybody! Lets make 2012 the best year yet! have sent me this cool summary of all the activity on the Blog this year which I found quite interesting….have a look below to find out more 🙂 … Continue reading

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