Do diets work?

It’s the new year and a lot of people are *planning* to drop some weight.  Maybe you’re one of those people.  Nothing wrong with that…even I’m looking to shed some of those December pounds this month.

But here’s the major problem:

98% of people will fail miserably because they’re missing one of the two critical fatloss ingredients – either diet or exercise.

Perhaps you’ve gone on a diet before…you reduced your calorie intake, you ate “healthier” foods, but you didn’t pair it with an intense exercise program.

At best, that approach leads to losing a lot of water, a little fat, and quite a bit of muscle.  In the end, you look “smaller”, but still flabby.  And you leave your metabolism so royally screwed up that the weight comes piling back on (usually faster than it came off).

Dieting without exercise does NOT work.  Unfortunately, there will be a lot of people who re-learn that lesson yet again this month.

And then there will be those who renew their gym membership and get excited about starting an exercise program, but they won’t really do much about their diet.  Maybe they’ll try to “watch what they eat”, but nothing specific, nothing proven, nothing structured. In the end, they’ll wind up wasting a lot of hours in the gym only to quit a few weeks in due to the lack of results.

Exercise without exercise does NOT work.

The bottom line is that in order for you to achieve REAL results that actually have a visual impact on the way your body looks (and not just the scale), you absolutely MUST combine diet and intense exercise. If you don’t, you will fail.

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