The “Mother” of all FAT LOSS plans

Welcome to MRT or Metabolic Resistance Training

For those that train with me already in the gym or come to our Boot camp, MRT will be familiar to you. For those that do not, grab a green tea and enjoy the read as you are about to find out the very best way to torch fat and build muscle all at the same time.

Metabolic Resistance Training can consist of various combinations of intense, efficient cardiovascular and muscular training. It can involve supersets, circuits and compound movements and will work your aerobically and anaerobically meaning you work out your heart and lungs as well as hitting your muscles hard.

A typical MRT session lasting 45-60mins could burn up to 600kcal depending but more importantly, the Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC is literally blown sky-high, meaning your metabolism will be raised so significantly you will continue to burn calories and more importantly, body fat for up to 48 hours after your session. This is the key here. It’s all about maximising your results from an effective workout. How cool is it to be burning fat from a workout literally two days later?

MRT is not for the faint hearted. Ready to know more? Great.

Here are several examples of the most effective MRT.

Circuit training or Boot camp

No surprises here. A well constructed Boot camp circuit will burn hundreds of calories and keep your metabolism stoked for days. A typical session may consist of 6-10 stations, each station last 45-60secs working all of the main body parts, legs, back, chest, shoulders and core. EPOC is very high and its one of the best ways to torch unwanted body fat.

Paired set training.

This is how I train every one in my Personal training sessions.

A superset is two exercises performed in succession without rest. One of the best ways to use supersets involves training agonist/antagonist muscle groups. Examples of this are Chest/back or quads/hamstrings or even biceps/triceps. This can be taken a step further by putting 3 or even 4 exercises together for greater intensity still.

Here is an example of supersets or paired set training

A1 – Bench Press 3 x 12 reps

A2 – Chin ups 3 x 12 reps.

Perform A1 then move straight onto A2 with no rest. Rest 1min and repeat 3 times

An example with 4 exercises could go something like this –

A1 – Bench press 4 x 12 reps

A2 – Chin ups 4 x 12 reps

A3 – Walking lunges 4 x 12 reps

A4 – step ups 4 x 12 reps

A1, A2, A3 and A4 are performed back to back, rest 90 secs and the repeat 4 times. Don’t pass out and reap the rewards 🙂

Combo Training

Possibly the most brutal of all the examples of MRT, combo training is a combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise. This usually consists of a compound movement like a squat into an aerobic movement like a mountain climber. You can even add a third movement into the superset for example, I like to use this combo –

A1 – Squat

A2 – walking lunge

A3 – jumping squats/mountain climbers

Rest 90 secs and repeat 3-4 times. You can even throw in an ab movement(A4) after A3 for added intensity 🙂

So there we have Metabolic resistance training. Try to use these ideas the next time you are in the gym and you will really start to see the difference in your body. Not only will you burn body fat, you will also give your heart and lungs a fantastic workout too.

Conventional cardio not required!

To book a FREE trial PT session or Boot camp session or to just learn more about MRT and other effective ways to burn body fat, contact me directly on

Gavin @ UCB 🙂

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