Metabolic Finishers. The definitive FAT BURNER?

So what is a metabolic finisher?

Well as the name suggests, they are meant to be done after a conventional resistance workout, at the end of the session to rapidly increase fat burning. They can use equipment but I think it’s quite cool that the best ones can be performed with just your own body weight which means you can perform them anywhere you want which is particularly cool if you travel a lot with work and don’t always get access to a gym 🙂

I can testify to this as I performed a few in my hotel room in my recent trip to LA. One word. BRUTAL! Metabolic finishers are a fantastic example of HIIT

Benefits –

1) Can be performed in under 12 mins

2) Lots of calories burned during the session but also preserving your muscle mass

3) Will continue to burn calories AFTER the workout has finished through a process called EPOC. Excess post -exercise oxygen consumption. This is the KEY

4) You can perform any combination of exercises at any time

5) Work extremely well with both males and females

6) Conventional cardio? forget it!!!!!

So I’m guessing by now you want an example of a few workouts you can try yourself? Ok. Have a look below –

Circuit 1 –

A1 – Jumping lunges x 10 on each leg

A2 – Plyo press ups (press ups with a clap) x 10 

You perform A1 then straight into A2 with no rest. The next superset is 9 reps of each, then 8, then 7….all the way to of 1 rep of each superset. You rest only when needed.

If press ups with a clap is too advanced then normal press ups will do. You can even perform the press ups from your knees. 10 supersets is pretty advanced so work your way up to this. Peform 10 and Boom! The fat burning furnace is turned up FULL BLAST!

Circuit 2-

A1 – Kettlebell swings x 30 reps or prisoner jump squats if no kettlebell available 

A2 – Spiderman press ups ( a normal press up but bring your leg up and bend it like you were spidey 🙂

A3 – Burpees x 10, 8 and 6

Peform the circuit 3 times back to back with just 20 secs between each circuit.

Watch out for the video on these circuits very soon!

So there we have two great examples of Metabolic finishers. Put them at the end of any resistance or weight training session but also use them instead of your regular cardio sessions and get done in double-quick time with FAR greater fat burning results.

If you got to the end of this Blog post then well done.

My gift to you if you did is this – A free 30 min PT session with me at the gym OR a Bootcamp session at

If you already train with me or come to our Boot camp then we will add an extra session onto your current package. Cool or what? But here is the thing, you must email me back directly on before Monday 19th March to claim this and  mention the words METABOLIC in the title of the email.

I hope to hear from many of you soon.

Train hard and stay healthy,

Gavin @ UCB

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3 Responses to Metabolic Finishers. The definitive FAT BURNER?

  1. Ruby Heera says:

    on the spidey press-ups, how many? im going to practise these in the big boy area of the gym and see if anyone gets impressed…

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