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Tom Dyer

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I have done this post for two reasons.

Firstly, it’s an introduction to who Tom (who I co-founded and run UCB with) is as many of you out there don’t know him.

Secondly, I feel its important that you know who we are and that we walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

For all you know, we could be two guys sat behind a lap top harping on about fat loss and other things without ever being involved in the industry. We are not and I’m sure many of you know this but this post will clarify a few points 🙂

So here are 8 interesting facts about Tom that you might not know –

1) He has been involved in the fitness industry for 20 years

2) He has featured countless times within Men’s Fitness and other fitness/health/fashion magazines and has been featured in two books (200+ pages of him, what a horrible thought). Below is the cover of one of them….

3) He lived and worked in Paris for 6 years working as a Personal Trainer. His clients included some of the Master Trainers for Body Training Systems (BTS that own Bodypump, Body Balance, Body Attack, etc).

He also worked as a party promoter,  with a guy called David Guetta (not sure you’ve heard of him, he’s a DJ apparently) before Monsieur Guetta got a tiny bit famous.

Tom is also fluent in French (might be a bit rusty now though…)

4) He is an online presenter for Multipower. Multipower are a huge supplement company (the biggest in Europe). Click here to see Tom presenting

5) He is a born and bred in King’s Lynn and is a proud supporter of Norwich Football Club. (Come on you Yellows!)

6) He keeps his body fat at around 6-9%, all year round through a combination of heavy weights, Boot camp and a good clean protein based diet. I would also say that he has a healthy sprinkle of genetics in his favour. He is currently at around 6%, possibly lower as he had a recent photo shoot. See below.

Want to be lean? We can show you how. Contact us TODAY for more information! info@ultimatecitybootcamps.co.uk

7) His favourite junk food is Snickers! He has been known to eat over 6 per day on a cheat day. (Warning! Do not try this at home. This stunt was performed by a professional )

8) He is 39 years young this June!

So there we have 8 facts about Tom. Hopefully my light-hearted way of introducing you to Tom has made you smile (it’s made me smile) and educated you a little more into the life of Mr Dyer, my business partner. You will be hearing lots more from him in the future.

That’s all for now.

Train hard, live easy.

Gavin @ UCB

PS. Not had your Boot camp trial yet? Click here to start burning stupid amounts of FAT! Just like Tom 🙂

PPS. Bonus fact – Everything he knows about fitness, he learnt from me! FACT!

PPPS. Tom strutted the catwalks of Milan for Vivienne Westwood in his past life also. This is how he usually wears his hair and makeup on a leisurely Sunday afternoon

Tom Dyer. Body fat loss specialist.

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6 Responses to About Tom from UCB :)

  1. tomucb says:

    Thanks Gav, I think…. You’ve left out the bad bits, nice work 🙂

    I’ll get one down about you soon. Hope I can think of 8 points. Struggling on the first one (ha)

    Just to give anyone that cares the background that my interest in training started as a teenager in wanting to get in shape like those guys in magazines and certain film stars (the days when Stallone and Arnie were bringing in the box office millions). A teenager without a care in the World…. those were the days.

    However when my twenties hit and members of family and friends were struck down by illnesses (such as Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer and Heart disease), it was a natural progression to start to look at ways to help prevent, and/or reverse these from happening in the first place and, all being well, to look good too.

    Now the way that both Gav and I approach our own Fitness programs is to eat and train in a way that ticks all the boxes in both looking good (as Fat Loss is our biggest request from clients) and naturally great health and wellness.

    My sleep quality is better than ever, my resting heart rate is better than ever, my blood pressure is better than ever and my body fat (well up until Easter) was better than ever. I approach my fifth Decade feeling fitter, stronger, faster and healthier than approaching any before.

    We will work with anyone that is driven to make positive health and body changes. Driven is key, as we (Gav and I) are busy and want to make a difference in the lives of others and not just be there to make up the numbers, so to speak.

    Have a great Olympic Year. Lets make it a WINNING one in more ways than one.

    Tom @ UCB

  2. SzeLee Lai says:

    Sounds like a great promotion for Tom Dyer. Well done, Gav.

  3. JJ says:

    Gav seems to know you soooo well Tom! Can’t wait for the one Gav…although that may take some time!
    (Actucally, it was quite amusing Gav…for YOU lol)

  4. David Haas says:

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

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