Olympic Shames

Time for a rant, at what is otherwise an occasion that I cannot wait to begin.

First and foremost let me make it very clear that I’m a massive fan of Sports, both in taking part and in watching. The Olympics is an occasion I have always looked forward to and the fact that I have tickets to four events is even better….. yes I lucked in with the ticket lottery.

However, the point of this short and sweet (sweetened by copious amounts of refined sugar) post is the following.

I have read that there are only three sponsors that are going to be allowed to advertise inside the Olympic Venues at London 2012. (I hope this information I read is wrong, so please correct me in comments below if you have the correct information)

These three are not sports brands, or sports nutrition brands, or electronics, or power, nope!

They are nutritional brands, but not the ones someone would hopefully usually associate with an event of teams and individuals on top of their physical peak in potentially the event of their lives.

The three in question are;

A company that Supersizes People

A company that makes very sweet fizzy, black drinks

A company that makes chocolate with lots of milk in it

Is it any wonder why the World is bursting out of its trousers (pants) in a spate of nutritional suicide with Obesity and other closely linked avoidable (in most case) diseases when the showcase event of our World is most strongly associated with three brands that (allegedly) produce the very products that cause said conditions!

Rant over, have a great day and enjoy the spectacle when it arrives, just don’t succumb to the advertising unless it adds to your wellbeing

Tom @ Ultimate City Fitness

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2 Responses to Olympic Shames

  1. eijkelenboom1 says:

    Here are some alternatives we can suggest for the McDonalds add campain..

  2. eyeonwales says:

    The Olympics is, and has for some time, been all about the money. Fast food logos on medals will follow the acceptance of drug cheats into the sport – four year, by four year, it sells out a little bit more.

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