All about Gav…

Gavin Gillibrand BSc.

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It’s time for some payback and to introduce you to Gavin (Gav)

I have done this post for two reasons.

Firstly, to respond to Gav’s post about myself a while back as he is the true reason that Ultimate City Fitness and Bootcamps is here.

Secondly, and just as Gav mentioned in his post, I feel its important that you know who we are and that we walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

So here are 8 interesting facts about Gav that you might not know –

1) He has worked as a Personal Trainer for over 15 years and has been involved in the fitness industry for 20 years.

2) He has a BSc. in Sports and Exercise Science and is PICP – Poliquin International Certification Program qualified.(he is also qualified to teach aerobics, spinning and step) 🙂

3) He fancies himself as a mountaineer having climbed Ben Nevis earlier this year. Mont Blanc is next up, this summer. I’d say Everest will follow at some point if I know him!

4) He appeared on Blind Date back in 1992 and actually won! This was as popular as X Factor back then. Make sure you ask him where he and his ‘lovely’ partner got sent. Was it the Caribbean, or to Rome in Italy, or to Mykonos in Greece, well no it was none of the above. Please ask him.

5) He is a qualified skydiver, with over 70 solo jumps under his belt. Sadly he does not get to experience that adrenalin rush these days as a back injury curtailed his skydiving career but he’s known to jump out with both feet first on regular occasions!

6) He has a beautiful and awesome daughter called Mia who is 7 years old and lights up his world.

7) He still loves health and fitness as much today as he did when we first met back in 1991. He is a massive motivation to me in the field of this subject and his passion for it shines through. I look back at what we thought we knew back in 1991 and the years subsequently, and it’s a cliché but if we knew then what we know now, we’d have saved a lot of time, effort and money to get here now. That experience is what gives you the great content you see on this BLOG, our newsletters, and programmes such as the recent 14 Day FAT FURNACE.

8) He is 39 years old this December, yes hard to believe he is younger than me!

Train hard, live easy.

Tom @ UCF

PS. Not had your free PT session with Gav yet? Put him to the test. Contact us now on to get booked in.

PPS. Bonus fact – Everything he knows about fitness, he ACTUALLY learnt from me! He will say otherwise, don’t believe a word of it!

Footnote from Gav. I secretly harbor a desire to climb Mount Everest and I am putting out subconscious thoughts to the Universe in the hope I can get sponsorship to climb this baby one day!


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