Low fat USUALLY means high sugar.

I am going to try to keep this post as positive as possible as I dislike negativity full-stop, but I have to make you aware of the clever marketing many companies will use to get you to buy their products and how little they really do care about your health.

Subway. I actually quite like subway but let’s be honest…its junk food.

The above picture is a picture from the current marketing campaign Subway are using in LA FITNESS! Yes, this picture and other ones like it are on the wall of the gym, standing over 6 feet tall.

The advert states that the 6″ sub has less than 373 calories and is low-fat and this is absolutely true. No lies there. BUT, what the advert fails to make you aware of is that the sub is made from highly processed white flour, totally devoid of any nutritional value whatsoever. It’s VERY high on the Glycemic index meaning the body will process this like plain old sugar. If you are not aware of the Glycemic index please look here. This “sugar” will cause your body to produce insulin to combat the rise in blood sugar and its the release of insulin that will cause our bodies to store fat and fast.

What is all the more disturbing is the fact that it’s on the wall of the gym which is an environment supposedly meant to be promoting health and fitness when the only thing that can result from junk food like this is excess body fat and all the other health problems associated with high carb/sugar diets like heart disease and diabetes.

As I said before, this post could get too negative and I don’t want that. I just want to make you aware that the institutions around us, including the Government DO NOT care about your health. It’s all about making money. This is not a cynical view-point, it’s just the truth.

Don’t take everything you see and hear for gospel. Do you own research or ask someone who knows. Be aware of the marketing that is used everyday and be aware of what you are actually eating, despite what the popular belief may be.

Short and sweet today.

That is all.

Gavin @ UCF

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One Response to Low fat USUALLY means high sugar.

  1. Tom @ UCB says:

    Nice Gav.

    Another example of confusing advertising that still seems to work!

    …..Low fat, often leads to ‘Mo’ fat!

    Money talks quite often… we only need to look at the upcoming Olympics where the two main advertisers are both supplying goods that supersize their loyal and addicted consumers.

    If someone is stuck in a Subway (or similar) with no-where to turn then go for a subway salad option with double filling. I appreciate that the quality of the fillings there are not the best, but sometimes when on the road we have to adapt and it’s better to eat something like that than to starve ourselves, or go for the white bread coma option (don’t be fooled by the wholewheat option, as it’s still rubbish). An example that comes to mind is Birmingham International Train Station where Subway is the only option, unless you’re thinking about raiding a candy bar dispenser that is.

    Great post!


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