Yogini Patel - London Age 28 years old

Before Picture                                                                                     After picture

“I have always struggled with my weight since I was a teenager, never really knowing how to shift it effectively. I discovered Ultimate City Fitness and started training with Gavin twice a week. I lost about  a stone initially but seemed to plateau after that. Gavin has always been going on about taking protein shakes and fish oil but to be honest I was always very skeptical thinking that protein would bulk me up. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

With me being vegetarian it has always been difficult trying to make my suggested daily protein intake that Gavin suggested but by having two protein shakes EVERY day I can do that and easily. This plus 2 table spoons of Aliment fish oil every day has seen me lose another 16lbs in just 8 weeks! This was on top of my normal meals, which I ensured were healthy and full of veg. 

I also read Gav & Tom’s newsletter every time and have recommended this to several friends and work colleagues.

Losing this weight has made a massive positive impact on my life and I just went out and bought new gym clothes 2 sizes smaller than before.

I am just about to start on their 14 day FAT FURNACE programme to further accelerate my results. Can’t wait for that!

Thank you Gavin & Tom, you guys are fantastic.


 Caroline P - London

“I have just completed the 14 day fat furnace and it has been a complete revelation. I’m absolutely stunned by the results, having lost 11lbs in two weeks, and 2 inches off my waist and hips.

The programme is incredibly detailed, and explains everything very clearly so that you understand why it is that certain foods/ drinks have to be avoided. It is also very practical, supportive and holistic – incorporating not only detailed meal plans and recipes, but also lifestyle advice and training tips.

I would say it requires a bit of planning and (in my case anyway!) a lot of self-discipline, but I’m proud of myself for sticking to the plan meticulously, and my motivation increased when I started seeing results (as early as five days into the programme). Obviously I’m thrilled with the weight loss, but am also experiencing additional benefits in a general sense of well-being – I’m feeling alert, energetic and clear-headed. I’m also sleeping really well which is a marked and very welcome change.

I can see and feel the difference in how my clothes fit, and several friends have commented on how well I look.  Thank you UCB for putting together such a fantastic programme!


Peter T. - Cambridge

“I thought I’d update you with Claire’s and my progress after being on the 14 day fat furnace plan. We are currently on day 12. 

As you know I have an exceptionally busy lifestyle both at work and at home. The past 6 years Claire and me have had our fair share of stress and a drink at night seemed the best cure.

We’ve always been conscious of our health, weight and the way we looked by the pool so to speak; so like most we would start trying to be more healthy, diet & exercise etc 3 months before the summer holiday.

But, in the past, we would never really get great results. I’m turning 40 this year so I feel a little more determined than normal; and the food plan, food tips, exercise etc you gave me came just at the right time.

We both always do better if we are both “healthy eating” rather than just one of us; so Claire was up for it, which made me even more motivated because I desperately wanted this to be a team effort, and I know good food and exercise works miracles.

Well after just 12 days we are changed people. I’m never really interested too much in actual weight loss, but as a matter of interest I hopped on the scales and I’ve dropped 12lbs!! 

In addition to the drop in weight I quite simply feel fantastic. I feel more focused, I’m sleeping better than I have for years, I don’t feel as stressed and genuinely feel a sense of calm about myself; just more chilled basically. My headaches have stopped too!

My work trousers that were tight only a few weeks ago are now a little loose. I can’t believe it.

Claire is the same. Her biggest problem was that things would get to her very quickly. She had a very short fuse indeed and now after a week she even said herself “things just aren’t bothering me; this program is unreal”. She now wakes with a clear head, feeling on the ball.

The whites of our eyes are crisp and bright. I’m not making this up and I would quite literally beg anyone who can relate to what our lives were like to try this and give it they’re all because it’s not a fad or a trick or even complicated. But I agree it’s an all or nothing approach.

Seriously Tom and Gavin, big thank you for the advice and info and the blogs of genuine advice that does work; and if you try it and you don’t feel different then I don’t believe you’ve given it 100%!

Peter & Claire x”

Phil E - London 

“I’ve been training with the guys at UCB for over 6 months now.

I have well and truly become a cult follower of everything that comes out of Gav and Tom’s mouths (fitness wise that is). To cut a long story short I have never been in better shape and I feel great for it.

I’ve been training for about 10 years now and most of my training has been endurance and stamina training such as running and swimming. I am a keen runner and at first I was worried that my cardiovascular fitness would suffer as a result of doing boot camps.

Quite the opposite. The gains I have made working with these guys have been amazing and I actually find distance running easier as a result of doing boot camp. The big difference in all this has been following their dietary advice. I have to admit I love a good carb and was convinced that I wouldn’t have any energy eating a pure protein breakfast.

Obviously I was quickly proven wrong and I now religiously eat a protein and good fat breakfast every day. So with that in mind I’ve just bought myself a copy of the 14 day fat furnace so looking forward to getting stuck into it


Mike A - Manchester

“I run my own business and over the last few years I have gradually got heavier and more unfit over time, through eating all the wrong things while travelling (and at the wrong times) and not exercising properly. Although I play football once a week it wasn’t enough to combat the junk I ate and drank (pepsi max by intravenous drip). In fact I have been getting slower and less agile as the weeks and months progressed. Talking with my business partner we had a discussion about how much more we could grow our business and be even more successful if we were fitter and healthier.

That’s when Tom and Gav’s 14 Day Fat Furnace plan came along. It seemed perfect timing, so I bought it and got the fridge packed with what i needed to get going. Looking at the plan, I knew this was a massive change for me in how and what I eat. But it was easy to follow and so i went for it. Not drinking Pepsi Max was one of the trickier things for me. As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke etc, I always saw it as acceptable as my only vice. But after a few days I didn’t even bother about it. I was starting to feel more energy, especially in the afternoons, when my usual carb packed lunch would send me all drowsy. I have to say I started to feel good.

At the end of the first week I wore a suit that 2 weeks earlier I had thrown to the floor in disgust as I couldn’t even fasten the trousers. It felt great to wear it one week in to the plan, and motivated me for the next week as I could see results. I was seeing a difference in shape that helped keep me motivated, except for a couple of days of despondency that Tom snapped me out of when I felt I wasn’t progressing. (Great support when I needed it, Tom). I played football near the end of the second week, and some of the lads commented on how I looked slimmer. But more than that, I was much more full of energy and I had gained a yard of pace with the fat loss I had managed.

By the end of the 14 days I took measurements to see how I had done. I had lost ½ inch from my neck and also my chest. An inch from my hips and 1 and ½ inches from my belly. Although for me I didn’t see massive weight loss (6Ib) I had seen the difference on tape measure and in my clothes. But more than that, I definitely broke some bad habits and cravings over the 14 days and am trying to keep that up with the help of Tom and Gav’s follow up plan


Jackie H - London

“I have been receiving the emails from UCB for about a year and finally took the plunge on the 14 day fat furnace and bootcamps prior to my wedding.

The fourteen day fat furnace was my starting point.  I prepared well and stuck to the plan like glue.  I did not starve myself or kill myself with exercise.  The fat furnace plan showed me what can be achieved if you put your mind to something and stick to it. 

However, it wasn’t easy.  After three days my body was tired, I felt lethargic and I was fed up.  All I could think about was food and where my next meal was coming from.  Each time I thought about reaching for a biscuit my mind focussed on my goal and I was able to resist. 

As I went into the second week my body seemed to find a new lease of life.  The cravings for sweet food disappeared, I stopped missing alcohol and caffeine and I had more energy.  As this point I decided to try out the bootcamp.  I wanted to combine what I had achieved with the eating plan with some hard exercise.

My first session was tough but I enjoyed it and I was motivated throughout by Gavin who was great at not letting any of us quit.  I enjoyed it so much, the following day I signed up to six more classes, all pre wedding in the hope that I could get even more lean and toned in time for the big day.

I astounded myself by losing nine pounds of weight, 1.5 inches from my bust and an inch from my waist.  I feel great and I’m continuing to follow Tom and Gavin’s healthy eating plan, with a day off here and there.


Amanda K - London

“A few months ago I arrived back to London from working abroad not only quite a bit tanner, but a few double-digit kilos heavier as well; the results of stodgy food and a few too many beers overlooking the Nile…

Apart from wanting to whip myself back into shape for health reasons, I also had my upcoming wedding and a rather fitted white dress to consider. Tom and Gavin convinced me to give their boot camp a try and I’ve been back nearly every weekend since.

The variety is unbeatable and, between sled-pushing, sprints and box jumps, the hour flies by in an instant; all the while encouraged by Gavin’s prompts. This, accompanied by nutrition and training tips from their blog, have had brilliant results and I’m not only down to my ideal weight, but feel fitter and healthier than ever.

Perhaps most importantly, Tom and Gavin – as well as the circuit training group – provide a close team of like-minded people offering constant support and answers to any questions making the journey a much easier process. 


Caterine M. - City of London (via Portugal)

“2011 was a very important year for us on every level and when we think about what was actually one of the main things that we changed, was the fact that we started training with UCF. Our energy levels increased incredibly, we worked more focused than ever. Therefore we achieved a lot more in our careers and in our personal lives.

It was a wonderful year and we thank Gavin for helping us. Our body and mind are more connected than ever before and now that we have discovered how exercise can improve everything around us, we just want to keep on with the training sessions.

Best decision ever. Thanks Guys.

 Caterine and Ricardo.”

Candice M - London

“I am very excited about the plan – it’s in-depth but concise, so easy to understand and follow with exercise plans for just £20! I have my greens so getting my fish oils tomorrow and I’m good to go. I will keep you posted on my progress and I’m going to do the dreaded “before” photo tomorrow and my measurements. Stay tuned.


Cathy O - London

“I’ve just finished reading the 14 Day Fat Furnace and I’ve gotta say I’m impressed! I’ve always been sceptical of getting sucked into the latest fad with restrictive food choices and a difficult to follow exercise regime, however this is far from it.

The text is easy to read with plain english explanations about how to get started, the reasons behind the selection of food choices and the bonus section on the impact of alcohol on fat loss alongside a long list of easy to find food options.

This combined with the well structured and easy to follow picture demonstration of the training exercises makes me feel well equipped to tolerate the 14 days required to achieve my fat loss goals.


Jenna N - London

“Love, love, love the 14 day fat furnace. All the do’s and the donut’s that you need in order to eat well, sleep well and train well.

Gavin and Tom really know what they are talking about. I wouldn’t normally rave about things like this, but they are so good at what they do and really put the time and effort into all their clients to make sure that we get the support we need!

Big, huge THANKYOU to you guys!


Georgia - London

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8yP7mGBbtU&w=420&h=315


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